Who we are?!

Reliable care, quality and simplicity for our clients!

We know the value of mobility in people’s lives. And the importance, when devices no longer work as they should, of seamless customer service that gets it right fast and cost-effectively. SmartHuolto repair solutions start with quality – original parts (top quality replacements for Apple) and manufacturer techniques, plus ease of access.

We see the real person behind every broken phone. And we are committed to serving each one with innovative thinking, the latest technology, environmental friendliness and the highest standards of quality. This approach makes us a leading, one step forward, out of warranty repair service provider in Finland.

SmartHuolto offer the biggest amount of supported brands and models in one place, repair warranty, free delivery and all it comes with the best repair price guarantee in whole Finland and on top the most important thing manufacturer warranty remains after our repair.

Our service center is located in the center of Helsinki. Here you can bring Your faulty device for repair or leave it for express service while you are doing shopping in nearby malls. If you live outside the Helsinki thats not a problem, we have integrated posti services in our web - just send Your broken phone to us.

MTTC - top 3 largest after-sales care provider in Nordic

SmartHuolto Oy is a subsidiary company of MTTC. We are trusted in more than 10 countries for reliable best practices in customer care, 150+ highly-trained staff, more than 2 millions successful repairs. In 2016 MTTC group served 285.000 repairs, within average repair time 2 days and repeated repair ratio less then 3%. These are device manufacturers and network operators who rely on us for aftersales service, insurance providers for whom we simplify claims processing, service centres whose menus and reach we enlarge.


    Manufacturers who trust us